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Monthly Archives: January 2020

john coombs farm

Meet Potato Farmer John: ‘Take Care of the Land, and the Land Will Take Care of You’

At Campbell, we believe that real food has roots. For 150 years, we’ve built strong connections with local farmers. Today, we’re proud to introduce you to John Coombs, owner of?Coombs Sod Farms?in Elmer, New Jersey, a nine-generation family farm. When William Alderman Coombs established Pineview Farms 250 years ago in the heart of the future…

Kids learning about food

Campbell’s Healthy Communities: Year 8 Update

By Kate Barrett, Senior Manager of Community Affairs At Campbell, supporting and nurturing our communities is core to who we are. We believe it is important to build healthy hometowns – and measure our performance against our goals. A 10-year, $10 Million Commitment Back in 2011, we launched an innovative initiative to measurably improve the…