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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Chef Carrie Prepares for Her Newest Assignment: Chef Mom

By: Chef Carrie Welt, Campbell Senior Chef?   On July 1, 2018, I’m expected to deliver a baby boy. This is my first child and my parents’ first grandchild. It’s not every parent’s dream to have their daughter decide to become a single mother, but my parents have been wonderfully supportive. In my late 20s,…

40 community impacts in 40 seconds

  By: Amanda Bauman, Senior Manager Community Affairs   Each year, our week of service never ceases to amaze me.? Campbell employees from coast to coast in 28 of our U.S. locations rallied together to serve their communities during Giving That Matters Week. From picking oranges with Food Forward in Camarillo, CA, to planting trees…