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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Subaru Motors into Camden

Today, we welcomed new neighbors to Camden, the city that Campbell has called home for nearly 150 years. As Subaru of America officially cut the ribbon at its new North American headquarters, the occasion also marked 12 years of efforts by Campbell and our partners in the city, county, and state to revitalize the 13-acre…


By: Megan Maltenfort, Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility   Campbell is?honored to be named #1 on the Reputation Institute’s list of America’s Most Reputable Companies. As a purpose-driven company, we’re particularly proud of this achievement because it recognizes our commitments to corporate responsibility, governance and transparency. The Reputation Institute has been measuring reputation for thousands…

Supporting agricultural innovation through tech start-ups

By Dan Sonke, Director of Sustainable Agriculture and Stacy Kimmel, Director R&D   Defining the future of real food requires fresh thinking, new business models, and an ecosystem of innovative partners. One way we’re leaning into the future of food and agriculture is through a partnership with Village Capital, a venture capital fund that connects…

Celebrating Earth Day, Every Day

By: Dave Stangis, Chief Sustainability Officer At Campbell, Earth Day is every day, but our teams make a special effort to bring awareness and impact to life for Campbell employees the week leading up to Earth Day. Hard to believe, but Earth Day has been around for more than 45 years. What started as an…

Meet Our 2018 Foundation Grantees

by Kate Barrett, Senior Manager, Community Affairs   The Campbell Soup Foundation team is thrilled to announce this year’s grantees. 33 community organizations received funding this year, driving our Campbell Community Affairs mission to strengthen and empower healthy communities in our Campbell hometowns.     Founded in 1953, the Campbell Soup Foundation provides financial support…