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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Making a Difference That Matters

by Kim Fortunato, Director, Community Affairs   Campbell has a long history of giving back to our local communities – through financial support, in-kind donations, volunteer service and human capital. For decades, the company has focused its efforts on nourishing our neighbors and worked to create vibrant communities where we have operations.   But as…

Why Women’s History Month?

by: Monica Diaz, Chief Diversity Officer Because being who we are is not negotiable. We are women, we are mothers, we are daughters and sisters, we are spouses and caregivers. We are leaders, entrepreneurs, change agents, conciliators, motivators and so much more. We are who we are and can shape the world to fit in…

Transforming Campbell with Campbell Snacks

by: Luca Mignini,?President, Global Biscuits and Snacks Today not only marks the completion of Campbell’s acquisition of Snyder’s-Lance, but also the unveiling of the new Campbell Snacks business. This acquisition dramatically shifts our center of gravity – transforming Campbell into a $10 billion organization with an undeniably strong snacking portfolio.     To unlock the…

Go Further with Food: 5 Tips to Stretch a Buck, Shop Smarter and Cut Food Waste

By: Lindsay Watts, Campbell Nutritionist I don’t know about you, but spending a lot of money on food can be tough, or worse, spending money on food that I end up wasting! Luckily, I work with some very savvy shoppers, meal planners and excellent cooks. Here are their five favorite ways to make food go…

Water Serves Communities and Builds Livelihoods

by Andrea Chu, Sustainable Agriculture Analyst Water is our most vital resource and on World Water Day, I’m happy to share one of the ways Campbell is working to minimize water risks for our company and our hometown communities.   Recently, I got to see firsthand the great results of a ten-year long collaboration with…

Cracking the glass ceiling isn’t enough, it’s time to shatter it

By: Denise Morrison, CEO Today, is International Women’s Day—a worldwide celebration of women who have changed history and made their voices heard through social, economic, cultural and political achievements. It’s a day to celebrate progress and to pay tribute to courageous actions…but it also reminds us of how much more there is to do. This…

Workplace by Facebook is Working to Help Transform Our Culture at Campbell

By: Kristin Ennis, Internal Communications Lead   Our nearly 150-year heritage is one of the many things that makes working here special and adding to that is a culture that encourages disruption, ownership and inclusion.   But while we absolutely cherish our iconic history and our Values, we also have to ensure we’re keeping up…

Embracing the power of different at HRC in Philadelphia

By: Caleb Kearney, Lead of OPEN at Campbell   Seek the power of different—it’s one of our company values that’s hard-wired into Campbell’s culture and it’s something I champion every day here at work.   Members and friends of OPEN, our LGBTQ employee group, attended the 2018 Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Gala in Philadelphia this…