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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Harvesting the Power of the Sun

  Recently, we announced a new 4.4-megawatt (MW) solar power project at our World Headquarters in Camden, N.J., which will generate the equivalent of approximately 20% of our campus’s energy. Once the system comes online in fall 2017, it will be the largest solar array in the city of Camden. This is a big step…

Asian American Heritage Month Inspires A Real Food Throwdown In Our Test Kitchen

By: Alice Ping, Senior Program Manager, Sensory and Consumer Science + member of the Asian Network of Campbell As employees we take real food pretty seriously, BUT many of us also love to shake things up and have a little fun. Why not combine the two? Our Asian Network of Campbell (ANC) employee affinity group…

Sun power storms Campbell’s World HQ to become largest array in City of Camden

We’re catching some sun at our World HQ. ?Yesterday, we broke ground on a 4.4-megawatt (MW) solar power project.       Joining forces with power partners BNB Renewable Energy Holdings, SunPower Corp. and ORIX USA Corp. the solar array will provide energy to Campbell through a 20-year power purchase agreement, generating the equivalent of…

Nurturing Campbell Neighborhoods

Giving back to our communities and supporting our hometown of Camden, N.J. is our Purpose in action. We do this through programs like our STEM Career Accelerator Day, Food Bank donations and our recent annual Make a Difference Week. We understand there are many ways to build and sustain a healthy community. In addition to…

Living our Purpose as Make a Difference Week Kicks Off

Giving back is in our DNA and this week marks the start of our much-anticipated week of community service, Make a Difference Week. Ten years ago, at the urging of an overwhelming number of employees who volunteered for the original “Make a Difference Day,” our program expanded to a full week dedicated to building healthy…