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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Making the Most of Life's Moments

Today, Campbell is announcing a new Paid Parental Leave policy. Our CEO Denise Morrison sent the following letter to employees this morning. Dear Colleagues: I want to share my perspective with you on today’s announcement about our new Paid Parental Leave policy and tell you how proud I am of this new benefit, not only…

Investing in the health and well-being of Detroit’s children

By: Kim Fortunato, Director of Campbell’s Healthy Communities There’s something very powerful about food—it has the ability to connect people from all walks of life. It’s fundamental to our survival, especially to those who don’t have adequate access to nutritious food where they live. As a food company, we believe we have a duty to…

Water, sun and steam—ingredients in our sustainability story

Today is Earth Day, but here at Campbell we’re thinking all year long about the impact we can have on the environment; whether it’s how we use our natural resources like water on the fields of our growers or how to reduce energy use at our production sites. We’re taking a closer and more modern…

Campbell Fresh President Jeff Dunn talks Uncommon Collaborations @ FoodTank Summit in Washington DC

During the Food Tank Summit Wednesday in Washington, D.C. @Chiefcarrot Jeff Dunn, President of our Campbell Fresh division,?discussed our role in finding solutions and driving changes in the food industry by building?uncommon?collaborations to address?consumers’ growing interest in health and transparency.   “What we have to do… on a global basis, is reinvent our food system,”…

Volunteering at Home is M’m M’m Good

“Look at the smiles on their faces,” said William Johnson, Safety Monitor and volunteer at New Visions Homeless Day Shelter in Camden, N.J.? “Our clients really appreciate someone taking the time to cook them a hot meal.? That is something they do not receive often.” Making breakfast at New Visions is one of more than…

Cooking Up Hope ‘That Matters’

This week our CEO Denise Morrison and our leadership team kicked off Make a Difference Week—Campbell’s annual week of volunteer service.