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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Keeping a Brand Iconic: An AOL "Shingerview" with Yin Rani

David Shing, AOL’s digital prophet, spoke with Yin Rani, VP of Integrated Marketing at Campbell’s Soup Company at Cannes Lions Festival on keeping a brand iconic, integrated brand marketing, and the changing CPG consumer

Taking Decisive Action to Reshape Our Portfolio and Alter Our Growth Trajectory

Amidst so much change in the world, from a challenging economic environment to a profound transformation in consumer preferences and priorities with respect to food, Campbell is reshaping its portfolio to revitalize growth by responding to evolving consumer tastes. In fiscal 2015, Campbell will take further steps to strengthen its core business and expand into…

Campbell Soup Company: M’m! M’m! Green, Food Manufacturing

Campbell Soup Company strives to make a positive impact on the environment throughout the production process. Campbell largest soup plant in Napoleon, Ohio is known for its strategic location and renewable energy technologies.